take a hike

Take a Hike Together

For three summers, my wife was a trail guide in Colorado. She would take groups of teenagers into the wilderness and over mountains for several days. Along the way, there would be opportunities to talk about relationships and experiences. Having taken a trip with her, I was amazed at the things kids shared while out on the trail. There’s something special about getting out into nature where it’s quiet and distractions are removed.

Take your family on a hike. Pack lunch and make a day of it. You will be able to model leadership and encourage them when they are tired. There will be plenty of time for the family to talk. After it is completed, give them a sense of accomplishment by congratulating them.

Here are a couple essential things to make your hike great.

Conversation Starters

We would like to help you get your family talking while they’re walking. Use these conversation starters from iMom. You may hear them say something you didn’t expect.

Scavenger Hunt

Play a game while also noticing the little things in nature. Print out this scavenger hunt and enjoy the search.

Huddle up with your family tonight and make plans to take hike.