Teen Driving Contract

I, _______________________, agree to the terms of this contract allowing me the privilege of driving. If, at any time, I violate this agreement, or am observed driving recklessly or endangering others, the driving privilege will be forfeited to the extent and degree of violation.

1. I will obey all traffic laws and the posted speed limits and follow safe driving practices at all times. If I get a ticket, I will lose driving privileges for 6 months.

2. I will not have any controlled substances (drugs or alcohol) or be under their influence in the car at any time.

3. I will not race, chase other vehicles or operate the car in a reckless or illegal manner.

4. I agree to pay for damages that I incur that are not covered by insurance; and all deductibles for any damage that is covered.

5. I will always wear my seat belt. I will never transport more than ___ passengers in the car and will not drive the car until all passengers have buckled up. For the first six months, I will not drive friends and siblings in the car unless an adult is present.

6. I will keep the car that I drive clean, and take care of gas, oil, and maintenance requirements.

7. I will not allow any of my friends or passengers to drive the car that is in my possession.

8. If, for any reason, I ever feel less than 100% able to drive safely, I will call my parents at any time to come and get me. There will never be a punishment for executing sound judgment. If my parents are unavailable, they will reimburse the cost of a cab.

9. I will inform my parents about where I am driving, who will be riding with me, when I plan to return, and I will call to let them know if I will be late coming home.

10. I will take my responsibility as a driver seriously, conduct myself behind the wheel with alertness, courtesy and integrity at all times, and I will answer any questions from my parents about my driving truthfully.

11. I will not use a cell phone while I am driving. I will not use an MP3 player with earbuds or headphones while I am driving. I will not play music in the car at a volume that would prevent me from becoming aware of traffic situations or emergency sirens around me.

I have read the above agreement and sign this in accordance with the rules.

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Teen driver                                                    Date

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