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The Best Parenting Internet Controls

We must stay a step ahead of these threats by utilizing the best countermeasures.The world of naval warfare has changed from state controlled weapons to the hands of rogue groups and terrorists. The threats are now more from fast moving swarming boats that operate in shallow water. In response, the United States Navy has commissioned a new fleet of ships that can out run and maneuver smaller vessels in shallow areas. Utilizing new technology they can also hit small, fast moving targets from a long distance with amazing accuracy. Staying ahead of the enemy is imperative.

In the same way, new technologies have given birth to threats to our families. The specter of porn and other inappropriate material can more easily find its way to our children. We must stay a step ahead of these threats by utilizing the best countermeasures. Here are the best parental internet controls to keep your family safe according to PC Magazine.

Net Nanny

Cost: $39.99 per year

This seemed to be the best rated and cost-efficient choice. It filters the web and can record instant messages. It will even send alerts when conversations become inappropriate. It also contains game filtering based on the gaming rating system. You can also manage it remotely.

According to PC Magazine one downside to consider is the social network monitoring may be limited. However, it is still the highest rated.

AVG Family Safety

Cost $19.99 per year (Limited to 3 Computers)

This one is still highly rated and half the price of Net Nanny, but it is limited to three computers. That is most likely where the price difference comes into play. It contains most of the features you want from parental control software.

It’s limitations are no cap on Internet time or summary of activity on social networking. Again, it received the same rating as Net Nanny.

K9 Web Protection

Cost: Free

My favorite price in the world. Definitely worth a try, but you may get what you paid for. It is more limited than the two options above and so is not rated as high. It filters questionable websites, can limit internet access, and logs all websites visited.

In terms of limitations: Everyone is configured to the same settings. There isn’t IM monitoring or controls and no remote management.

Given the price it is hard to resist this option, but choose wisely.

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