The Family Golf Association Tour

I grew up on a golf course. My dad loved playing and when I was old enough, I was eager to join him. Summer after summer we would hit the course together.  We played as partners in tournaments, had friendly competitions against each other, admired our few good shots, and laughed at our bad ones (after we were done throwing our clubs). It was glorious. We grew closer with every swing.

Golf combines fun competition with the opportunity for rich bonding. Your mission, if should you choose to accept it, is to do one of these 3 golfing variations that the whole family will enjoy.

MGA Tour (Mini Golf Association Tour).

Find all of the local miniature golf courses and play them throughout the summer. Treat each round as a tournament. Award the winner a prize for each tournament. Keep a running scoreboard of the winners throughout the summer. Post the scoreboard on the refrigerator. Give a trophy to the overall winner when the tour is complete.

Frisbee Golf.

Go to a park or simply your backyard. Create a course and see how many throws it takes to hit the target. It can be as simple as taking aim at a tree or buying a disc golf set.

Backyard U.S. Open.

If you have little ones, take them into the backyard with a golf set. Set up a course and swing away. Afterwards, award their “skillful” play with a summertime treat.

Print out this leaderboard and place it on your refrigerator so you can track the overall leader.

Huddle up with your family tonight and talk about a family sport you can do together.