The Toughest Transition to Make as a Parent

Our oldest daughter is thirty-four, and at home, we still have two preschoolers. So we have been through all the stages of parenting. With each stage comes a whole host of new challenges and you have to adjust your parenting. Sometimes, what worked well when the kids were younger just doesn’t fit when they get to a certain age. 

Of all the stages we have been through with ten children, I would say the following stage is the most difficult.

Letting Go

When it comes to the stages of parenting, the toughest for me is when my kids go off to college. You have to let go and trust that you have been a good parent who developed your kids. When our older kids went off to college, they were out making decisions that could have had a lasting impact, without consulting us. They were making career choices. I thought my son Eric, for instance, would follow in my footsteps by coaching. He had a great aptitude for it, he loved the game, and he was a great communicator. I thought coaching was the best career path for him, however, he wanted to go into real estate. As difficult as that was for me, I had to let him follow his passion.

It’s Rewarding

When our kids reach the age of eighteen and beyond, they are going to make decisions on their own. While it’s hard, it’s also rewarding. I’ve had the privilege of watching our older kids flourish in the areas they enjoy. It’s important as parents to let them go and to support them as they pursue their passions—even if it’s tough.

Sound off: What has been or do you think will be your toughest transition as a parent?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What do you think you want to do when you grow up?”