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10 Things You Should Try and Tackle at Your Second Shift

If you are anything like me it is tempting to come home after a long day and want to sit on the couch and check out. There are those days where I come home mentally drained. While it is important to have “me time” and recharge, it is just as important to realize that this life is short. The years we have with our children pass by fast and we need to make the most of them.

Instead of having a checkout mindset it’s better to think of coming home as our second shift.There is a wife we must converse with, children who need help brushing up their algebra or fastball, and dishes that must be cleared and cleaned after dinner. “Me time” can be after everyone goes to bed. It makes days long and hard, but also meaningful. So if you do not already, work your second shift well knowing that your family’s well-being depends on it.

Here are 10 things you should try and tackle at your second shift:

1. Be Kind

It was not the best day at work. The drive home was brutal. Your tolerance level is depleted. Take a deep breath before you enter your home and remind yourself that none of it was the fault of your family inside. Servant leadership is the sacrifice of yourself for the betterment of those you are leading. Be kind and warm and begin anew. Your family will appreciate and reciprocate your example.

2. In The Kitchen

Some men enjoy cooking and see it as an art. Other men do not. Either way is fine. If you are helping create family meals, you are providing a great service to your wife. If cooking isn’t your thing, consider doing the clean-up instead. Those dishes do not make it to the dishwasher by themselves.

3. Household Chores

Parents and children alike should be involved in all that it takes to keep a household running smoothly. Your children have their assigned tasks and most likely receive an allowance. Is your wife responsible for everything else or should you share responsibility? The amount of tedious tasks required to keep a house clean and safe add up in a hurry. Grab a vacuum or a mop and get in there to help.

4. The Runner

Your son needs a poster board for his project due tomorrow. Your wife doesn’t have enough butter for the potatoes. The “runner” is the husband who offers to go out for those needed things in a pinch. The last thing you want to do is get back in the car, but a leader steps up when called on.

5. Stress Reducer

She has been with the kids all day. You can see in her face and eyes that she badly needs a break. Take the kids out for ice cream with Dad. Take them to the park or even just a walk. Give her a moment to recharge and collect her thoughts.

6. The Handy Man

Every home has a long list of tasks needing to be addressed. The toilet is leaking. The stair rail is loose. Your home needs to be managed and maintained. On the plus side, few things excite a wife more than the sight of her husband “fixing” things. This could provide “great benefit” after quitting time.

7. Respectful

Your wife is deserving of respect just like you. She puts forth a high level of energy to help the life of your family run smoothly. Compliment her and praise her. It takes constant effort to establish and maintain trust and mutual admiration in a relationship. Take the lead in this area.

8. Affection

Your wife needs that spontaneous kiss more than you’ll ever realize. Your daughter needs you to hug her so tight she feels like nothing in the world could ever harm her. Showing affection can be difficult for some people. Try stepping outside of your comfort zone and physically display to your family just how much you really love them. If you are a single parent, this is even more important. You have to love enough for two.

As men, we are merely the caretakers of God’s creation.

9. Sorry Guys

A man should have friends and a social life. It is healthy to play a round of golf with the boys or go watch the game. Whatever your interests may be, it’s good to have an outlet. However it’s very important for the good health of your entire family that you limit those interests in a reasonable manner. “Sorry guys, but I can’t,” should not be something you are afraid to say to your buddies. Family first.

10. Worship

As men, we are merely the caretakers of God’s creation. We are to set the example of humility and thanks for the grace we receive. Lead your family in worship during your second shift. Lead your family on the path to truth and everlasting life.

Huddle up with your wife tonight and ask, “What are some additional things I can do to help you after I get home from work?”