Use Your Marriage to Show Affection to Your Kids

You can convey affection to your kids by being affectionate to one another as husband and wife.  I am convinced that children feel loved and cared for when their parents are openly but appropriately affectionate in the home.  As Mom and Dad demonstrate a loving marriage relationship through hugs, handholding, kisses, kind words, and considerate care for none another, their children benefit from the emotional warmth.

That’s always the acid test.  How do I treat my wife?  I can be affectionate to her and give her a peck on the cheek as I rush out the door.  But how I treat her as my children are watching every moment will tell the real story.  If your physical expressions of affection as a couple are backed up by true love for each other, your kids will find emotional security in your marital relationship.  The more your children see your love and devotion demonstrated, the more they will sense that you truly love each other.  And the more secure your kids feel about your love for each other, the more likely they will be to connect with both of you.

Physical affection is part of that loving picture.  Don’t be shy about displaying physical affection around your kids.  And let your affection for your spouse come through verbally as well as physically.  Also, small gifts to your spouse, sometimes given through your children, are another way for them to sense affection.

Why go to such efforts?  Because as you include your kids in your affectionate deeds, they become active participants in your love for your spouse.  By including them in your expressions of love, they feel the love too.

This excerpt was taken from the book: The Disconnected Generation.  For more information, Click Here