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What I’d Do Differently if Today Were My Last Day

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do differently today? After a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler, Don Piper was pronounced dead on the scene. But 90 minutes later, doctors were astounded to find him alive. The question on everyone’s mind: What happened during those crucial 90 minutes? Don shares that he experienced Heaven in all its glory. How incredible!

Today, Don Piper is a living miracle. But more than that, his life inspires us to consider my original question: If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do differently today?  Here are 5 things I’d be sure to do if I knew I’d die tomorrow.

1. I’d pour out my love to my wife and children.

There is no one I love more than my wife, Susan, and my kids. But I don’t always show it every day. These 7 Love Actions will help me to love my family well. Perhaps they will help you, too.

2. I’d spend all my time with my family.

There never seems to be enough time in the day to do what needs to get done. That’s why it’s crucial to determine priorities in life. And when the family is a top priority, we’ll be sure to intentionally spend time with them.

3. I’d share God’s love with everyone I touched and talked to.

More than anything, I want my life to point others to God. When all is said and done, knowing God, loving God, and loving others is what really matters. I’d challenge my family and friends to pursue and glorify God in their lives in every way.

4. My words would only be uplifting.

I would ensure that every word that comes out of my mouth builds others up and does not tear them down. These things every wife wants to hear from her husband can help.

5. I’d try to check one last item off on my bucket list.

We all have a list of things we want to do before we die—whether we’ve officially written it down or not. My bucket list may inspire you to make one yourself.

Hopefully, my list got you thinking about what you’d do differently if you knew you’d die tomorrow.

Sound off: What would be on your list? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “If today were your last day, how would you spend it?”