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5 Encouragements for Single Dads

When you are a father, you are hit daily by a world of challenges and stressful situations. Even when you have a wife to help you, fatherhood is the most challenging thing in the world. However, it is even more difficult when a man is charging forward alone as a single father.

Being a single dad is a serious balancing act. The responsibility of parenthood is enormous, and men who are giving their all for their kids should be praised. But sometimes it gets tough and lonely. We want all singles fathers to know that we appreciate you. That’s why we’re here to give you some encouragement.

1. Too little time.

For a single dad, time is at a very high premium. Work eats up most of it, so task overload can easily swallow what remains. Mouths to feed, dishes to clean, clothes to wash, and all the chores and charms of home that need your attention. As a generalization, try not to feel guilty if you leave the dishes in the sink overnight. Place the emphasis and importance on being with your children to play, read, or just simply talk.

2. Financial difficulties.

A great many single parents find themselves in financial distress. Keep in mind that the thing your kids need most from you is your love and attention. After that, separate the true needs from the pile and place top priority on them—things such as food, shelter, and clothing. Children don’t always understand why they can’t have everything they desire, but one day they will.

3. Feeling overwhelmed.

It is difficult and challenging being the only adult in the room long term. Loneliness, stress, and depression are common for single parents. Know that you are not alone. There are 1.7 million others in your same boat who are experiencing the same things. Be sure to take time for yourself to recharge and strengthen your mind.

4. Relationships old and new.

With divorce, the ex-spouse is still a very big part of family life and always will be. How that relationship is handled and functions is extremely important, not only to the children but also to your overall mental state. In dating and new relationships, extreme care must be taken when introducing new people into the life of the family. Resentment or early attachments are just two of the standard pitfalls. Keep the hope of love in your heart always, but be mindful of far-reaching, unintended consequences.

5. Building a support system.

Family, friends, babysitters, teachers, mentors, and all sorts of people take a role in your family life. However, divorce can take a big toll on family support; judgment and bitter feelings can split friends. Try to display humility and understanding towards those in your life. [Tweet This] In most cases, they won’t understand the entire picture and will see only what they want to see. Only time and a new stable reality will change those perceptions. Be patient.

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What are some other encouraging words we can give to single dads?

  • Mike

    Thank you so
    much for content like this! I’m a single dad and it’s incredibly challenging.
    This kind of encouragement – just knowing others recognize us single dads is
    uplifting and believe me, it’s welcomed. I’ve been reading the All Pro Dad
    newsletters for over four years now. I can’t put into words how much they
    have helped me during my ordeal. I can’t thank you enough. God bless all of
    you! I want to add one more thing for those of
    you reading and questioning separation/divorce and breaking that sacred
    vow.. I can relate. I used to think that way too. Even through a challenging
    marriage, I always believed those that separated or divorced were quitters –
    they just didn’t try hard enough or their priorities were out of line… I was
    raised in a wonderful household with wonderful, loving, solid parents. They set
    a great example of what a married couple should be. So when things started to
    fall apart in my marriage, I was determined to make it work. I wasn’t a quitter
    – still not. We spent 8 years of our 12 year marriage in counseling with 5
    different counselors.. I initiated and encouraged the counseling. In the end I
    finally realized I could not bring the relationship together on my own- It
    takes a willing partner. So if I could just make one point to anyone thinking
    like I used to, it’s not to make assumptions and not to be dismissive. In some
    cases, lack of effort or drive or priorities may be the issues but that’s not
    always the case. To all the single dads out there – stay strong. As a man,
    you are the leader your children need. Know you’re not alone.

    • Niko

      Hey mike Im in the same boat I have a 8 year old son and im raising him and living on my own he is with his mother right now and im still hurting when he is gone and missing my family life. She is already dating another man and im blown away.. I know im not alone but it still hurts

  • Paul_Sp

    I appreciate any focus on this reality for some of us, but some lack a real solution. Just recognizing loneliness, for example, does nothing to fix it. Same for some of the other things recognized. I fought hard unsuccessfully to prevent my divorce. Reality sometimes stinks.

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