Marital Problems

All good things are worth fighting for. Overcome marital problems and become teammates with your wife with these ideas.

what are your goals

What Are Your Goals For Marital Conflict?

This will probably sound crazy. You should have goals for conflict with your wife. I’m not saying you need to seek out conflict. I’m not saying you have to enjoy it. (Quite frankly, if you did enjoy conflict, there would probably be something else wrong.) I am saying when you find yourself in the middle of one, you should have some goals in mind. Psychologists, athletes and coaches, teachers and managers, and even the Marines have a shared appreciation for the power of goals. Know where you’re headed. Know what you’re trying to accomplish. It can change everything. So how about during a fight with your wife? Many times it feels like the highest possible goal is simply to get out of conflict as quickly as possible. That makes sense. You don’t want it to last forever, and sometimes, it’s exactly the right approach to try to cool things down. But consider a few different goals for and during conflict that might help your marriage. . . .

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