3 Ways To Never Give Up on Your Goals

Forbes reported research findings that say only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. Where do you fit into this research? Do you reach your goals? That statistic is startling, but it doesn’t have to deter you in doing what is most important. If you have given up already, don’t be discouraged. Sometimes plans change, and your goals may be missed this year, but don’t give up on your dreams. Fluffy resolutions cannot be compared to lifelong callings like marriage and family.

Some of you are beginning the year with visions and hopes of being a better dad, which is a lifelong calling. We don’t want you to give up on that. We want you to reach your goals, especially when it comes to fatherhood. No matter where you are in relation to your goals, keep believing and striving to live out your calling. To that end, here are 3 ways to never give up on your goals.

1. Refocus on why you must achieve it.

When parenting becomes hard, and your kids don’t seem to be acting the way you hoped or expected, it is not time to give up. There is a lot at stake. Being a great dad is not going to be defined in the easy moments when everything is great. It’s going to be defined in the tough moments, the moments when your resolve is being tested. Challenging family times are opportunities for you to show up and be a source of strength. Remember this, focus on it, and live it out.

Sometimes achieving our biggest goals requires that we stay the course when everything in us wants to quit.

2. Don’t let discouragement stop you.

Sometimes it looks bad. My marriage has looked bad before. My career has looked bad before. And something I set out to do several years ago seemed like it was all going to flop. But I stayed the course, in spite of what it looked like.

3. Analyze your progress.

In the past year, I lost thirty pounds. For years I have had a nonspecific lose weight goal. Nothing changed until I started tracking my calories and weighing myself every day. Search yourself and find out how you can improve. Track your progress every day. Begin to eliminate habits that are hurting you when it comes to achieving your goals.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “Why do you think it’s important to set goals? What goals would you like to accomplish?”