how to make your wife feel loved

12 Easy Things a Husband Should Do for His Wife This Weekend for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming and it’s a great day to celebrate the moms in our lives, especially the mothers of our children. One year I really wanted to make my wife Susan feel special. Her love language is words of affirmation. So I bought a bouquet of roses and gave a couple to each of our kids. Then I asked each of them to write a note for each flower telling about why they were grateful for their mother. I then collected the roses and tied the notes to them. I placed the roses and notes around a pillow of the floor. Susan came in and I had her sit on the pillow and read each note. She loved it.

Zero in on your wife’s love language and then do something that speaks that language. Do you know how to make your wife feel loved this Mother’s Day? Do you have any ideas? If you are feeling stressed or pressure about what to do for Mother’s Day, don’t worry, I’d like to give you some ideas. First, zero in on your wife’s love language and then do something that speaks that language. Here are 12 ideas of things you can do to celebrate your wife on Mother’s Day.

1. Have the kids help make breakfast in bed for her.

2. Take mom on a surprise trip to the beach, park, mall, or restaurant and plan the necessary details in advance.

3. Lead the kids in doing all of the chores—laundry, dishes, vacuuming, garbage, lawn.

4. Write a poem for her.

5. Play your wedding song and dance with her.

6. Write “things we love about Mom” on little pieces of paper and hide them in various places around the house so that she’ll find them for months to come.

7. Get up to take care of the kids in the morning while she sleeps in.

8. Give her a massage.

9. Run a hot bath for her, complete with candles and relaxing music.

10. Have the kids help you plan a scavenger hunt for mom.

11. Plan a date night, including arranging a babysitter on your own.

12. Encourage her as a mom by buying her The Passionate MOM book or the new book From Me To You, a journaling book that gives kids an easy way to express their thoughts and feelings to their parents.

Sound off: What are you planning on doing for your wife for Mother’s Day?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “In what ways can we make Mom feel loved and cherished this Mother’s Day?”