8 Romantic Things Wives Want Husbands to Do

My wife, Susan, was recently asked, “What’s the most romantic thing Mark has done for you?” I assumed she’d mention a gift I’d given her over the years. I didn’t expect her to say that the most romantic thing I do is when I treat her to things she wants that she’d never get for herself. Do you know how to be romantic to your wife?

This got me thinking. What do other wives say their husbands do that’s romantic? So we took an informal poll of wives we know to find out about the most romantic things their husbands have done for them. Here are 8 romantic things wives want husbands to do.

1. Thoughtful Things

For her 40th birthday, one woman said her husband gave her 40 roses. He told her she had to give out 39 of them before they were to meet that night for dinner. Imagine! So, she gave out roses all day—to the barista at the coffee shop, colleagues at work, the bank teller—and had to explain it was for her birthday. She loved it. She was blessed and was a blessing to others all day. Then, at dinner, she had a bunch of stories to tell about how she blessed others. What could you give your wife that would allow her to bless or serve others?

2. “Silly” Things

One wife we talked to likes to celebrate her half-birthday. So on the day exactly six months between her last birthday and the next one, her husband will do something special. Maybe it’s flowers or dinner, but she loves that he plays along with her idea of a “silly” celebration. Maybe you could surprise your wife with this idea. Who knows? She may never have celebrated her half-birthday otherwise.

3. Small Things

One wife answered our poll by saying, “Any time my husband does something to my car without being asked. It might be pumping gas, fixing something, putting air in the tires—it makes me feel taken care of, which is romantic.” Perfect. Loving your wife in the small things adds up to her feeling romanced. This husband understands how to serve his wife in the small things. What’s one thing you can do today to serve your wife?

4. Surprising Things

Another wife we talked to said, “I love it when my husband says to be ready in an hour and I don’t know what we are doing. I may ask a thousand questions about what to wear and so on. But I love when something is planned for me.” Plan something out of the ordinary and then surprise your wife.

5. Random Things

One wife we asked said, “When we’re watching a show or just doing some mundane everyday life thing, sometimes my husband will just randomly stop what he’s doing, look over at me and sigh, and say something like, ‘You’re so beautiful,’ ‘That face you’re making is so cute,’ or ‘I can’t believe you’re my wife.’ I love that.” When is the last time you stopped and gave your wife attention simply for being your wife?

6. Attentive Things

One wife explained, “If I mention certain topics—could be something from the past, even just saying something in passing—my husband will stop what he’s doing, give me his undivided attention, and hold my hand or rub my back. It makes me feel really loved and seen.” Does your wife feel seen by you?

7. Sweet Things

Another wife answered, “My sweet husband lets me sleep in and brings me my favorite coffee in bed every Saturday morning.” Who wouldn’t enjoy those Saturday mornings?

8. Supportive Things

Lastly, when asked, this wife pointed this out: “I love when my husband does things to support my hobbies. He will buy me running socks or send me new trails to run on—things that encourage my goals.” Don’t forget that being supportive and encouraging is romantic.

Sound off: Do you know how to be romantic to your wife? What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for her? 

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What makes you feel loved?”