How to Deal with a Child with Low Self-esteem

Self-esteem and how they see themselves is so important in children. Many times how they see themselves is totally different than how everyone else in the world sees them. It can be hard to know how to build self-esteem in our kids. No one wants a child who thinks too highly of themselves, but it is equally bad when they think too low of themselves. They need to know that they are important.

Here are a couple of things I think are critical to communicate with children regarding their self-esteem.

You are special.

As parents, we need to continually tell our children, not to brag or be proud, but you ARE special. God has made you uniquely; God has His hand on your life; God has something very meaningful that you are going to do.

Be consistent.

Continually getting this message across will help them have the right self-esteem. Again, they need to not think of themselves as too high or low, but view themselves in the right way. They are important and special in God’s eyes. Tell them that often, and they will have the right self-esteem level.