water wars

Water Wars II

A friend of mine was enjoying a nice bike ride across campus while in college.  Suddenly he was ambushed by a water balloon that hit him square in the face.  The force of the impact knocked him off of his bike.  The guy who threw the balloon, a floor mate, laughed wildly.

Several weeks later my friend caught the perpetrator filling another water balloon right below the bathroom window on their floor, five floors up.  He ran up to the bathroom looking for something to fill with water to teach the perpetrator a lesson.  The only thing he could find was an industrial trash bag.  He filled it to the brim with water and tied it off.  Recruiting the help of other guys on the floor, they managed to get it to the window.  The target was still filling up water balloons below, completely ignorant of the impending doom above.

The ultimate water balloon was released and scored a direct hit.  However, it didn’t pop, acting more like a sandbag and flattening him like Frogger.  The view from the window showed a huge trash bag with two arms and legs just barely visible.  When they ran down to make sure he was okay, they found him physically fine but incredibly confused.

And now, some safe and fun water games you can play with the kids that provide good times and laughter.

Water Balloon for Height.

Take a sheet and hold it up making sure everyone spreads out around it. Place a water balloon in the center. Work together to see how high you can launch the balloon.

Water Balloon Toss.

Have everyone get a partner. Give each pair a water balloon. Have them toss the balloons to each other, starting at a short distance and gradually moving apart. If the balloon pops, they are out.

Water Balloon Batting Practice.

Have them take a bat and start pitching water balloons for them to hit.

Drip Drip Splash.

This is a variation of Duck Duck Goose. Sit in a circle. The standing person holds a cup of water. While walking around the circle they say “drip” and flick water on the person below using their hand. Then they say “splash” and pour the entire cup on a chosen person. The race is then on to get around the circle and sit down before being caught.

Ice Row Relay.

Line up in a single file line with a bucket of ice in the back and an empty bucket in the front. The goal is to get all of the ice to the front bucket. However, the only way to move the ice is by taking handfuls and putting it down the back of the person in front of you. They must catch the ice when it comes out of their shirt and pass it forward in the same manner. If you have enough people, have two lines race against each other.

Huddle up with your family tonight and choose one of these games to play.