The Worst Times I Got In Trouble in Childhood

in trouble

Sometimes we expect our kids to behave perfectly. We have trouble remembering what we were like when we were their age. Before we were taught or faced consequences that refined our behavior, we most likely made the same mistakes they are making. When I was a boy, I was different than I am now. While […]

My Son’s Birthday and Kevin Durant

my sons birthday

Sometimes your kids can give you a little bit of that something you never expected. As a dad, you have to be able to respond well to the unpredictability that children bring. That happened recently with my son’s birthday. He was going to be turning nine and he wanted to have some special people come […]

How to Handle Criticism

how to handle criticism

We’ve all had moments in our lives, whether or at home, when we have that difficult conversation. We receive feedback that is not positive. Even the most confident person will tense up and want to defend himself or herself. Then when it is over, we tend to go find someone we know who will reassure […]

The Woodlawn Movie and Racial Reconciliation

dungy diary

Tomorrow is the release of the Woodlawn Movie in theatres. I think everyone should see it. I’m especially challenging high school sports coaches and players everywhere to watch Woodlawn. As I mentioned previously, this movie is based on the true story of NFL veteran Tony Nathan. In a post last week, I discussed things we could […]

What We Can Learn From Tony Nathan

dungy diary

On October 16th, there is a movie coming out called Woodlawn. This movie is based on the true story of NFL veteran Tony Nathan who attended Woodlawn High School after its government-mandated desegregation in 1973. I’ve known Tony for a long time and I’m excited to see his story on the big screen. Here are […]

Fight Like Dylan 2015

Fight Like Dylan 2015

I’m honored to once again be a judge for Russell Athletic’s Fight Like Dylan Award.  Now in its fifth year, the Fight Like Dylan Award remembers the courageous life of Dylan Rebeor, a terminally-ill football player whose last wish was for his teammates to receive new equipment.  Russell Athletic made that wish come true for […]

How to Not Cheat in a Relationship

how to not cheat

When you Google cheating, you come up with a lot of websites that will help you do it. That tells a lot about our society. On your wedding day, cheating is the farthest thing from your mind. You may even think We love each other. That will never happen to us. It’s important to realize that none […]

My Basic List of Virtues for My Kids

list of virtues

The competing views of success in our world often create an interesting tension. Society tends to define success in terms of accomplishment and awards, material possessions, and profit margins. In the football business, winning was everything, sometimes at any cost. As a father, it’s good to have a basic list of virtues to focus on […]

Hope For The Future

dungy diary

The movie 90 Minutes In Heaven gives us something we all need, hope for what the future holds. I can remember ten years ago now when our son passed away and in a moment like that you think that this is devastating and something that you never recover from; Except for the fact that as […]