10 Awesome Things to Do Outdoors

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A strain of bacteria found in dirt acts as an anti-depressant when inhaled. This particular discovery might be new, but the wisdom is not. Being outside makes you feel good. Will a run in the park or a camping trip solve all your woes? No they will not. However, happiness is something that has to be worked on and being outside is a great place to start. With that in mind, here are 10 thoughts on things you can do in the great outdoors. Some of these ideas involve expense and some of them only require a willing spirit. Obviously, we only have room for 10 on this list, so please feel free to add your own!

1. Create in your own backyard

Do you ever stare out your kitchen window into your backyard and imagine how much more it could be? Maybe you see a cool play area for the kids. Maybe, as your author does, you see an outdoor brick fireplace possibly one day in the future. The options are endless. Get out in the yard and start turning that dream into reality. This will be good for your spirit as well as your home. A means of self-improvement by way of home-improvement.

2. On The Move

You are called on from all directions to exercise. Your spouse, your doctor, the media. Everywhere. Somebody somewhere is telling you to exercise. A good many of you already do of course, but not all of you. Jogging, biking or just simple walking are tremendous ways to gain a more healthy you. You already know this. Millions of Americans are out there on the move every single day. Join them. A brisk walk in the fresh air is absolutely free to all.

3. Eco-Travel

This is a unique choice and does cost some of your hard-earned money. No matter your opinion on the subject, the one good thing that environmentalists have done is create a stronger appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. “Eco-tourism” is a booming industry across the world. Your author experienced this brand of travel twice before. Once in Mexico and once on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Amazing “change your life” kind of experiences. Remember it’s just a trip, but one worth researching. Start on Wikipedia searching ecotourism, and the rest is up to you.

4. Hiking

In every geographic location, great hiking opportunities await. Down south in flatlands and marshes. The mountains of the west as well as the east. Anywhere in America is a great place to strap on the boots and explore. A friend of All Pro Dad recently hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail with his son. He reported back of the spiritual growth they both experienced. Hiking, no matter what level of trail difficulty, is an exhilarating endeavor.

5. Camping

In the same vein as hiking, outdoor camping allows for us to connect in a deeper way with our natural instincts. Our society is one based on comforts and instant gratification. However, embedded in our DNA are still the most basic instincts of survival. Many self-help books recommend camping as part of a spiritual quest to gain understanding of your destiny. Similar to the 40 days in the wilderness Jesus endured. We don’t have to get that deep with it. One night in a tent set up in the backyard with the kids will suffice. Even when you can still see the lights of your kitchen from your tent, you still experience a sense of freedom that may have been missing.

6. Family Time Outside

For some reason with this tip, images of old home movies come to mind. Grainy film of Dad tossing a football to his son, or the whole family playing badminton. Breaking in your son’s new glove. Feeling a sting in your palm when you discover his fastball has picked up velocity since last season. Watching your daughter chase a butterfly around. Even one of those cheap Slip and Slides that only hold up for one outing, but they sure are fun. It all sounds old fashioned, but it sure is a great way to live life.

7. Block Party

Speaking of old fashioned, do you actually know your neighbors? Not so long ago the answer was an immediate “Yes.” Nowadays, not so much. Throwing a block party is a fantastic way to have a great deal of fun and meet those families living all around you. If you already have relationships, it’s even more fun. Not telling you how to live life, but there is wisdom in having neighbors you can count on in a crunch. That type of bond begins by socializing together. Roll a grill out into the driveway. Pull out the coolers and lawn chairs. Block parties are can’t miss fun for everyone involved.

8. Winter Activities

There is a magic in snow. A wonderment that initially brings out the child in all of us. Forgot all the annoying aspects of it for a second. The incredible beauty of everything around you covered in bright pure white. Build a snowman with your kids. Watch them make snow angels as they giggle in delight. Teach them how to make a proper snowball. If you live in a warm climate, make a family trek at least once in their childhood to experience these things. If you live with it every winter, then you probably don’t like this tip. But maybe during the next snow consider what was written here. Possibly you will see it through the eyes of a child once more.

9. Fishing

Not sure how to explain it fully, but like snow, fishing has a magic quality associated with it. When you are alone with a pole in your hand and waiting for that first vibration, your mind seems to clear. One of two things occurs. Either your brain for once is not thinking about anything else in the world except waiting for a bite. Or, your mind clears itself of unnecessary clutter, allowing you to focus on whatever issue is central in your life at that moment. In either case, a rare moment of clarity or needed escape is achieved. Once again just opinion, but maybe that is why fishing endures as such a very popular activity.

10. Pray

God created our world and everything in it. When one stands outdoors and looks around considering this, a more meaningful perspective can be gained. A desire to live life to the fullest because of the blessing that has been bestowed upon us. Whether on top of a mountain, standing on a sandy beach, or under a tree in your yard, kneel down and have a conversation with your Creator.

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