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10 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Beautiful

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The National Eating Disorder Association found that 80% of women are unhappy with their weight. Pop culture is a big factor in that. Seventy-five percent (75%) of women portrayed in sitcoms are officially underweight. The average American woman is 5’4” and weighs 140 lbs. The average model is 5’11” and weighs 117 lbs. Our culture’s definition of a beautiful body is getting more and more unrealistic. This twisting is causing many women, perhaps your wife, to feel unattractive.

As a loving husband, you have to counteract our culture. If you implement the following 10 things your wife will tell you, “You make me feel beautiful.”

1. Straight up tell her.

Tell her often and in different ways. Don’t wait until she needs it. Let her know when she isn’t expecting it.

2. Make sure she catches you looking – at her.

Perception is built on small details. A glance, a word, a raised eyebrow, a smile.

3. Never view pornography or “girlie” magazines – the message will be clear.

A husband more interested in other women devastates his wife’s self-esteem.

4. Never compare her negatively to other women.

If you really believe your wife needs to look better, tell her she’s beautiful now. If you want her to lose weight like her sister or get toned like your neighbor, the last thing you should do is point that out.

5. Place her picture prominently on your desk and carry it in your wallet.

Introduce her to your friends as, “My awesome, beautiful wife.” In other words, develop and support a culture of positive regard.

6. Shower her with gifts and tokens of love at unexpected moments.

Communicate how valuable she is. Nothing does the job like unconditional, generous, spontaneous love.

7. Compliment her in front of your children.

Make sure your kids know how special and lovely their mother is. They will repackage those sentiments. The truth will leak out and do its work.

8. Purchase intimate apparel, have it gift wrapped, and leave the package for her with a love note.

Need we say more? I don’t think so.

9 Be deliberate about romance.

Be the guy that worked so hard to win your wife’s affection before you were married. [Tweet This] Be courteous, sophisticated, funny, and/or romantic. Whoever that guy was, bring him back.

10. Treat your own physique with respect.

Let your wife see how you respect your body and your health. Self-respect is a value that replicates within the family. “My wife deserves the best that I can be…”

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What do you do to make your wife feel beautiful?

  • Jeffery Rosenberg

    Lead by example, she’s the center fold, and be a little mysterious…got it; but if my wife was 5’4” and 140lbs, she needs to hit the treadmill. Culture didn’t make men this way…men made the culture women gotta respect that. If more wives dropped the nagging and lost a few pounds we might put Viagra out of business 😉

    • Robin

      Did you even read the article?! I’ll pray for you!

      • Jeffery Rosenberg

        Sure, just be constructive and do some jogging at the same time 😉

        • Bob

          Jeffrey, I have been married 26 years and my wife and I work together on her weight and mine through exercise and how we eat. I don’t beat her down with how she is failing with her weight each week. I might ask, “I know you are frustrated with your efforts to lose weight. How can I help? Would you want to walk for 30 minutes after dinner most nights as another way to burn calories? How can we work on our diet together with better eating habits?”

          Also, as your wife gets over 40 and onto 50, there are thyroid and other health issues that radically impact woman so it helps for men and women to have knowledge about this. If a person’s body is not operating correctly, a woman can run 3 miles a day and still not lose weight. You must be a Christian as you are on this sight so try to pray about this issue and how you can be a support to your wife and not a nagging husband that she feels she is failing.

    • David Zirilli

      I think you missed the point. Love your wife as she is or else the weight of feeling unlovable will make her more and more unlovely. As you love her today, she will feel lovable and will grow into her loveliness.

      And you are incorrect… culturally beauty ideals have changed over the years. I thought that was obvious. Your perception of what is beautiful has been shaped almost entirely by your environment. It is no accident that 90+% of the models you see look beautiful to you. You have been shaped to feel that way; you did not shape the culture you are in.

      • Jeffery Rosenberg

        If her weight and health are within her control she should obligate her self, that’s not our job, that’s the point.

        You’re arguing nature vs nurture you give too much control to environment. You’re a human being for crying out lound, we’ve conqured the most hostile environments on earth, if we thought the way you do there would be no space missions.

    • sophgran

      Jeffery, I’m certainly glad that you are not my husband!! I’ll also pray for you.

      • Jeffery Rosenberg

        I’m glad I’m not your husband either, cause my wife and I dont have to have this conversation.

  • Very good email. I have an AMAZINGLY beautiful lady and I tell her that DAILY. Jeffrey hit a nerve below with a few folks obviously :). There is certainly pressure on women to look great and with photo shopping some women may have a tough time thinking they can ever be good enough. Same thing applies to us guys. So I agree with David that you have to love your spouse as he or she is (you can positively encourage them if change is needed but they have to feel that love – remember love is a verb, it is an action). But, God made women to be attractive to us and let’s be honest, a female shape at 130 or 140 is far more attractive than one at 225 lbs. Simple reality and let’s not kid ourselves otherwise by saying “culture” has changed us. But Jeff has a valid point even though he may have been a bit blunt. He simply points out that “Item 10” on the email should apply to females as well as us men. A woman should not use “society’s impossibly high standards” as a reason not to take care of herself, eat right and exercise.

  • Fullmoonfolly

    Paul- I think you have overlooked a few facts. First, it is my belief that every person has their own, inborn taste; that they are also influenced by their family; but don’t say that it is reality that a women looks better at 130 than 225 and is not heavily influenced by culture. check out the link regarding leblouh. look at paintings by Rubens and other painters.

    Men need to remember that it is not their body to judge and control. I don’t know how to try to get through to you, Jefferey Rosenberg- I won’t compare you to an Neanderthal, because I suspect they have more charm. Nobody needs to go on a treadmill unless they choose to. The reason why our world is in so much trouble is that men made the culture, and quite a few women have had enough of that. You are a dying breed.

    If a man doesn’t find his wife beautiful in some way (and if you don’t like fat bodies, it might only be her eyes or hair), they might want to consider a divorce. It seems the marriage has worse problems than extra weight. I don’t know how anyone can look at someone they love and find them ugly. Before anyone says it is because I am female, forget it, I have a higher sex drive than many men. I can see that my husband’s hair is thinning and that his chest is getting saggy. It is not what I might wish for, but there were so many things that I found sexy about him in the beginning that it is irrelevant. Do men think about what they find attractive? And why? Or do some of them focus on whether all the other guys are jealous? If your wife is a status symbol you might try to work on your spiritual development. Did Jesus have status symbols? My husband teased me rather rudely about not colouring my grey hair, but now the young women have started to dye their hair grey, so I guess it will be alright now. (And why should it matter? Why should women pretend to be young? What is wrong with grey hair that is still soft, shiny and healthy looking?) Women are all individuals, some of them are complacent to think, I am fat, I am old, I am not beautiful. Me, I think there are many different shapes and types of beauty. To me sex is not just body parts rubbing around, it is the personalities meeting that adds much of the excitement. If my guy can’t bring passion and love to the bedroom because I don’t meet some criteria he has set out, I don’t want what he is offering. And in case someone thinks I am an angry, ugly woman- I am in a marriage with a man who can’t seem to give me a nice compliment, no matter how good I look, even though I have told him how much it hurts to get compliments and attention from most of the people around me, except the one person that I really want to impress. Over the last few years I stopped caring sometimes about how meticulous my grooming routine is and put on close to 20 extra pounds. I get treated the same way regardless of my effort or appearance. Now I have put up a psychological barrier between us, so that I can focus on my own wishes for my appearance and health without letting my feelings toward him interfere.

  • Fullmoonfolly

    PS-Men are told by society what is attractive. The science says healthy skin/hair, waist to hip ratio of 70% (which can stay the same when a women gets chubby), dilated pupils, bright lips…Society tells men what length and colour of hair to like, what ages, whether ankles are sexy or bums. In some cultures men don’t find breasts very exciting. Men might want to consider that what they, personally, find exciting and that different shapes might be very nice, just like a red head, blonde and brunette can all be beautiful.

  • James

    What if we watch the porn together???

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